5 Ways to Get to Know Your Brand Better (and Why You Should Do That)


When you hire new staffers for your organization, you need to get to know these people. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses, how they work with your other team members and, of course, how they’re going to work for you.

You wouldn’t bring a single individual on to your team without knowing him or her first — yet many entrepreneurs and marketers never take the effort to get to know their respective organizations, their brands, as a whole.

Sure, you might know what your logo looks like or what kind of organization you’re trying to be, but how well do you really know your brand?

Why it matters

Your brand exists as the sun that rules the solar system of your business development. All your marketing efforts will be grounded by this underlying foundation of identity. Your HR and hiring will depend on your brand for guidance.

Even your business’ future development will rely on the mission and vision set by your brand standards. If you’re unfamiliar with these identifiers, or you never established them in the first place, you’ll be unable to carry out these responsibilities effectively.

1. Know your audience.

Everything starts with knowing your audience, as your audience is who will represent value to your brand. If you don’t know who these people are, or how to build a strategy that caters to them, your efforts will be for naught.

As the progenitors and supporters of your brand, your audience members should directly inform what your brand is and how it operates. For example, is your target audience young and brash? Your brand should be similarly bold to appeal to them. Is your target audience older and seeking security? Your brand should project expertise and reassurance.

Rely on your market research, which you can execute through primary tactics like surveys or secondary sources, like the Census bureau.

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10 Ways for Small Businesses to Dominate Local Markets


Small Business Saturday (Nov. 26, 2016) is an American shopping holiday that aims to promote shopping at local businesses. Last year, it generated $16.2 billion in spending for small businesses which was a 14 percent increase from 2014. While it’s great to use Small Business Saturday as a way to increase sales, most small businesses need more consistency throughout the year to survive in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Fortunately, there are several ways small businesses can better position themselves to compete in the local market.

1. Small business tips online.

According to a study from Bazaarvoice, roughly 39 percent of in-store shoppers research a product online before buying at a physical location. This means that your small business must have an online presence in order to compete locally. How can your small business improve its online presence?

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6 Proven Ways Content Marketing Benefits Your Small Business


For small and local businesses, it can be hard to stand out against larger nationwide brands. However, content marketing can help your small business attract attention, and for relevant niches in your industry, too.

Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to your prospective audience in the hopes of driving a consumer action, and it has numerous benefits for small businesses. It can give you the opportunity to not only expand your company, but also to build your reputation and establish a place as a trusted leader in the industry.

1. It generates traffic to your site.

Content marketing drives inbound traffic to your site. When potential customers have a problem or a particular need, they’ll search for a solution. Having that solution, whether it be information, a helpful guide or even entertainment, means customers are going to visit your site and possibly turn to it in the future for additional solutions.

Audiences love when content feels tailored to their interests or particular needs. In fact, that’s why custom content is favored by up to 68% of consumers. By creating custom content for your site that tailors to your target audience’s needs and interests, you’ll be building their trust and solving their problems.

2. It builds brand awareness.

If you’re consistently publishing fresh and unique content on your website and promoting it on social media, you’re creating more opportunities for your target audience to see your name and content. Plus, if you’re pleasing your audience, they’ll be more likely to spread the word about your small business to their followers and friends, which helps you reach even more people.

But, content marketing can also help build your link popularity. If what you’re producing is quality content, people will link back to you. It can be difficult to rank against bigger companies as a small business, but building link popularity can help your online visibility, so your website and content will rank higher on a search results page.

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