In Bellevue the Sidewalks Are Paved With – Rubber?

The town of Bellevue has undertaken a project designed to give their roads a little more bounce. Taking cues from towns such as Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma, Bellevue city hallway launched a pilot project that will test the viability of rubber sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York in the downtown core.

Beginning with a little stretch of sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan around NE 10th, just west of 102nd Ave NE, the experimental footpath will assist the city to evaluate the long-term costs and durability of plastic sidewalk repair Manhattan NY instead of concrete ones. If the project proves successful, city officials plan to use the rubber pavers in a different 700 Manhattan sidewalk repair locations throughout the city.

sidewalk repair Manhattan ny

One of the main advantages of the rubberized DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan is their ability to bend. Though everybody loves a shady, tree lined street – when those gnarly old roots begin tearing up the Manhattan sidewalk repair, children trip, wheelchairs become trapped, people sue. When this occurs, it’s a bit of a showdown: sidewalk repair Manhattan NY vs. tree. Last year, 12 trees lost the struggle and had to be cut. Even when the tree could be spared, if the roots have been cut to conserve the sidewalk repair Manhattan NY the shrub can still perish. In any event, all the money and time spent on maintenance will be expensive.

The option is to pave the sidewalk repair Manhattan NY with something which may co-exist with all the trees, something like rubber which won’t crack under pressure. For pedestrians, the rubberized is really a somewhat thinner surface to walk that can set a small spring in the step. Better traction and improved access for people in wheelchairs are other ground-level benefits. But maybe the most attractive advantage for Bellevue citizens and staff is the fact that the recycled tiles really are great for the environment, maintaining the trees and turning what would have turned into a landfill into something everybody could be pleased about. The rubber pavement tiles have been created out of recycled tires with about 5 tires compressed into every 2-inch thick pave.

The rubber pavement initiative is one of many environmentally friendly jobs undertaken by the local government in the last calendar year. In a bid to lessen their municipal carbon footprint, Bellevue has also adopted land use patterns which reduce sprawl, sought ways to preserve the city’s tree canopy, turned into one of the beloved golf courses into a wildlife sanctuary recognized from the Audubon Society and started buying hybrids for the city fleet.


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